Kiipo Founds PhysioQ to Facilitate Medical Research

Nonprofit organization PhysioQ is on a mission to make physiological research accessible to anyone.

BOSTON, MA, USA, August 13, 2019 / — PhysioQ is a user-friendly, cloud-based research management tool that syncs data from various portable health monitoring devices into one place. Leveraging the advancements in consumer wearables, PhysioQ facilitates researchers taking their studies beyond the lab and into everyday environments.

Nonprofit PhysioQ is founded by Taipei-based health-technology social enterprise Kiipo, in association with the XResearch Coalition, a nonprofit Citizen Science initiative led by Harvard Medical School’s Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (finalists of the international Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition).

PhysioQ is particularly focused on negating security concerns, a common issue in the big data sector. “We believe an individual’s personal health data is just that—personal,” says Kiipo Co-founder Chris Peng. “We’re committed to ensuring that data gathered using PhysioQ is solely owned by the researcher who collected it. The fact that PhysioQ is a nonprofit makes us somewhat unique. We have no incentive or need to use this data in commercial ways.”

Enhancing the accessibility of physiological research is also key to PhysioQ. Growing up in a family of researchers, Chris understands full-well the difficulties facing small or single-person research operations. “Our nonprofit status allows PhysioQ to survive at a significantly lower price point compared to alternatives on the market. PhysioQ isn’t restricted to only those with considerable research budgets.”

Another core insight that helped conceive PhysioQ is the enormous time-cost required to actually manage a research project with multiple participants. “PhysioQ was designed to help facilitate research from home”, says Chris. “Participants can now complete tasks and collect data from anywhere, automatically uploading to our secure cloud infrastructure. Researchers can then track a participant’s progress from anywhere, significantly reducing wasted time.”

PhysioQ further liberates researchers through the customizable features of its software. “In research, there is no one-size-fits-all model,” says Jordan Masys, Kiipo’s other Co-founder. “PhysioQ provides researchers with the capability to modify their version of our platform to suit their needs.”

The recent expansion of health wearables into the consumer sphere has supported interest in physiological research that extends beyond industry professionals and academics. Consumers, for instance, like the Quantified Self group, who monitor their own physiology largely for personal interest, are also likely to benefit from PhysioQ. “Our platform definitely has the ability to cater to less traditional researchers,” says Jordan. “Groups like Quantified Self are exciting for PhysioQ. We are really interested in collaborating to support their passion to better understand the human body.”

Jordan views PhysioQ’s evolution as a process. “Initially PhysioQ is focused on data collection, meaning the platform will mainly be useful to those capable of processing data themselves. However, as PhysioQ matures, it will encompass the visualization and analysis of data. It’s here where PhysioQ will truly be able to make medical research accessible to anyone.”

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About Kiipo: Kiipo is a global health-technology company aimed at leveraging technological innovations—AI, Machine Learning, IOT—to tackle the world’s healthcare disparity. They are founded on the principle that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life. They bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and people, striving to make the most advanced health technology available to everyone in the world. At Kiipo, everything revolves around a single ethos – maximize impact!
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About XResearch: Led by Harvard Medical School’s Center for Dynamical Biomarkers, the non-profit XResearch Coalition is a collection of forward-thinking scientists, technologists, and passionate citizens dedicated to furthering health and medical research through large-scale innovative projects. In the spirit of Citizen Science, the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research, they look to empower everyday people to contribute in moving health science forward.
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PhysioQ is a nonprofit organization that believes the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of scientific research--as well as the engagement of citizens in the scientific process--is the path to a better society. PhysioQ creates affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing anyone, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health research and further their passion for health science.