Introducing PhysioQ

After more than half a year of considerable research and development, it is our pleasure to announce the launch of PhysioQ (“Physiology Quantified”). 

PhysioQ is a nonprofit organization–founded by Kiipo and XResearch Coalition–on a mission to make physiological research accessible to everyone by providing affordable research tools, making everything from data collection to analytics effortless.

PhysioQ’s first product is a software platform focused on the data collection phase of the research process. This product tackles two main problems often faced by researchers whilst also having data security as a central focus.

Introducing PhysioQ from Kiipo

Problem #1: A Lack of Tooling to Support Data Collection

With technological developments leading to the proliferation of wearable devices, collecting data should be easier than ever, yet tools for researchers haven’t kept up.

Chris Peng, Co-founder and Head of Product at Kiipo

PhysioQ’s cloud-based experiment management platform supports a range of connected wearable devices, enabling participants to collect and upload data seamlessly from anywhere with an internet connection. This ease-of-collection can eliminate many schedule-intensive trips to the lab, completely changing the way research currently functions and making the study of longer-term interventions more achievable. 

Problem #2: Keeping Participants on Track

Oftentimes my research participants don’t follow or incorrectly follow my research protocol (instructions), costing our lab precious time and resources.

Anonymous Researcher

PhysioQ’s dashboard visually presents all participant-generated data, enabling researchers to monitor various aspects of participant progress in real-time, such as the uploading of questionnaire answers or ECG data. This can generate more timely and effective interventions than alternative research tools. Additionally, researchers can communicate PhysioQ’s customizable task list to participants through the platform’s companion App to remind participants of a study’s requirements.

PhysioQ reaffirms Kiipo’s commitment to contribute to health research and development. We passionately believe that making physiological research accessible through the creation of better tools will be a catalyst for future scientific discoveries.

PhysioQ Inc. is a registered nonprofit based in Massachusetts, USA. PhysioQ user accounts are currently available on an invite-only basis. To learn more about the PhysioQ platform or to register on the waitlist for early access, go to

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PhysioQ is a nonprofit organization that believes the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of scientific research--as well as the engagement of citizens in the scientific process--is the path to a better society. PhysioQ creates affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing anyone, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health research and further their passion for health science.