Not Business As Usual, Time for Businesses to Step Up

Not Business As Usual, Time for Businesses to Step Up

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the world, but especially in my hometown of Boston. Working in the healthcare industry, building products that are supposed to help people, starting a company that is focused on achieving the “fundamental right of health for all”, COVID-19 has shown us how far we still have to go.

After many discussions with mentors and advisors–many of them healthcare professionals on the frontlines–we could not escape the conclusion that we must do something to help. Frontline nurses, doctors, and hospital staff are about to be completely overwhelmed. Meanwhile, a disjointed narrative coming from the top has escalated the catastrophe.

Over the last month, we’ve been coming up with ways to do our part. Without further ado, we are announcing NEO, a revamp of the PhysioQ research management software.

NEO is a free data collection and remote-monitoring software that will allow patients to self-monitor and send data to their doctor. More importantly, NEO allows family members to help monitor each other.

Using wearable monitors, you will able to collect data on your oxygen saturation, temperature, and heart rate, all important indicators in COVID-19 severity.

We are currently working with top hardware makers to bring down the price of the devices, to make it affordable to everyone.

NEO will be released in the coming months and we will post new information as things become more clear. For more information, check out the official press release here.

We need to realize that things aren’t changing unless we all step up and make it happen. It’s not business as usual. It’s time to step up.

Chris Peng

Co-founder and President at PhysioQ, Chris is an adamant believer in designing for social impact. On a nice day, you'll find Chris reading, hiking, or balling.