LabFront Updates (4/28/2020)

LabFront Updates (4/28/2020)

Sorry for the super late response. In light of the recent COVID-19 global pandemic, we at PhysioQ have decided to forgo the original launch of LabFront in favor of getting NEO (a version built for families). 

But, we haven’t forgotten you, so, here are a couple updates regarding PhysioQ LabFront:

Some information:

  • The beta release will be soft-launching in mid-May. Those interested in the beta can add your name to this list.
  • We’ve partnered with GARMIN to bring you over 20 new devices! Signals include:
    • PPI (meaning… you can do HRV!)
    • SpO2 (select devices)
    • accelerometer and steps
    • all to be completed in the next couple of weeks
  • PhysioQ passes the UC San Diego IRB for a research project regarding diabetes. However, this project is paused due to COVID-19.
  • Device list will be available in the next month, around launch.
    • We may have discount codes, depending on partner. So… if you are on a budget, we’ll let you know on the device list about discounts!
  • Initial support for LabFront is in US and Canada. This is due to legal reasons regarding health data and privacy. If you are in another country and really want to bring PhysioQ to your country, please add your email to this list. If we have enough people, we will do our best. We will also be asking you for help.

Lastly, we will be building an open database for COVID-19 to help promote research. This will be part of the PhysioQ Databank and our commitment to medical research and scientific discovery (info coming soon). Hope everyone stays safe and we’ll talk soon.


Chris from PhysioQ

Chris Peng

Co-founder and President at PhysioQ, Chris is an adamant believer in designing for social impact. On a nice day, you'll find Chris reading, hiking, or balling.