PhysioQ-NEO Rollout/Update Status

[Updated 7/31/2020]

Our team at PhysioQ is hard at work launching all the features promised to our users and supporters. As our team is very small with no outside funding, what we can do is limited. Thus, we have doubled down on our primary use case (monitoring yourself and your loved ones).

The following are our planned updates and schedule:

Commitment to Mobile-friendliness

Our hope is NEO can be used by users from across the globe. That means making a commitment to mobile-first, or at the minimum, mobile-friendliness.

ETA: None, it’s a continuous on-going process 🙂

Respiration Data on NEO

Some Garmin devices have respiration data. User request to view that on the App and WebApp.

ETA: 7/10/2020 [Delivered]

Family sharing function

Due to the sensitivity of NEO data, we are focused on small family units. However, you may have close families that want to see and view each other. We are making it possible to share your family dashboard with another family account.

ETA: 7/20/2020

Flagging function and notification settings

Many users have requested flagging and email notifications. That is being added as we speak. We will start with SpO2 and temperature basic flagging. But our focus is on HRV screening. This one is really important and proprietary (licensed from AI analytics company Kiipo).

ETA: 7/27/2020 (HRV will be 2-3 weeks after)

Data Graphing

To get the most out of your data, we are building a graphical viewer. You’ll be able to see the last 7 days of data to help pinpoint disease onset by looking at trends.

ETA: 8/5/2020

Battery Life Optimization

We’ve had some users complain about battery life. Please understand that our primary use case is for families in lockdown to measure themselves. Battery life was not prioritized. That being said, we are adding a passive vs active mode, where users can choose the level of battery saving. Recommended options are “low frequency” and HRV OFF when you aren’t feeling sick and turning on “High Frequency” and HRV ON when you think something might be up.

ETA: 8/5/2020

Account and Project Deletion (opt-out)

Working on bigger issues to launch first, but we will be adding Delete Project and Delete Account directly from NEO.

ETA: 8/5/2020

Chris Peng

Co-founder and President at PhysioQ, Chris is an adamant believer in designing for social impact. On a nice day, you'll find Chris reading, hiking, or balling.