Updates on NEO (4/27/2020)

Updates on NEO (4/27/2020)

I’m Chris from PhysioQ. Sorry for the late response. For a lot of you, I know it’s been over a week. We’ve been working our tails off trying to get this out there. Here is the latest update. We will be going live in around 10 days. However, our biggest issue right now is that Apple has not yet passed our app through the App store. We’ll give an update as soon as that changes. For Android users, we are already all-set.

Some information:

  • For NEO users that are willing to donating their data, we have a deal with GARMIN to give a discount (~20%).
  • NEO can work without compatible hardware, but the experience will not be as seamless as using a GARMIN device. (We recommend the vivosmart 4 because it’s the cheapest one that includes an oxygen saturation sensor).
  • NEO is built on top of another software called PhysioQ LabFront, so if you see content targeted at scientific researchers, that’s because that was the original product.

Lastly, we need your help to get this done. I know that not everyone is in a position to donate money, so for those of you that can’t, please help like and share our facebook page or the NEO website so more people can join. The more people that sign-up (and more donations we get), the better we can make NEO. Please help by sharing.


Chris from PhysioQ

Ps. We were profiled on KMBC 9 (ABC affiliate in Kansas City)!

Pps. If you haven’t followed our social media yet, we do post some info there.

Chris Peng

Chris Peng

Co-founder and President at PhysioQ, Chris is an adamant believer in designing for social impact. On a nice day, you’ll find Chris reading, hiking, or balling.

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